2017 · Full time · Principle Designer

I am currently designing mobile and web applications at Xenio.



2016 · Full time · Principle Designer

I worked at Fyusion on the Fyuse and Whisky16 apps focusing on 3D photography and style transfers. A writeup is coming soon.



2014 - 2015 · Full time · Head of Design

We’re always so excited to discuss our favorite movies, books, and products with friends. But there’s a problem: Current social networks cater to posting photos, status updates, and links to a broad audience. Trullo is an app for sharing opinions, and chatting about your favorite things.

Trullo was particularly challenging as it was my first major project as a sole designer. It was my responsibility to design the entire product including the interactions, flows, colors, icons, typography, and copy. Every detail throughout the journey from the website to the App Store to onboarding was thoughtfully considered.

Read a detailed writeup on Medium.



2014 - Present · Head of Design

At Juggle we want you to have fun with your friends. Right now there are several ways to organize informal events including primitive tools like group text messaging, and complicated tools like Facebook Events, Evite, or Paperless Post. Juggle is a replacement that is both fun and easy to use.

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2013-2014 · Full-time · Lead Designer

Moovweb offers a platform that allows customers to quickly leverage web content and functionality from their websites into new products such as mobile or tablet-specific websites, native apps, and even extensive A/B tests. As Lead User Experience Designer my role is to ensure each of our clients’ projects are functional, simple and launch on time. 

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2013 · Side project · Product Designer

wetweet was born out of my desire to bring one of my favorite Tumblr features to Twitter. It’s a system for companies, communities, clubs and news organizations to have a collaborative twitter feed that’s managed by a central curator with ultimate control of the content and what is published. 

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iControl Networks

2006-2012 · Full-time · UI Designer

Home security had barely developed in 30 years until iControl came along. They created a box that brought WiFi Cameras, light modules, door locks and touchscreen keypads together into one coherent domestic security system. My job was to design the user interface. 

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