Where's iTunes Extras for the Apple TV?


Rene Ritchie:

I love bonus content - making of, creative process, deleted scenes, bloopers, and all the rest - as much, if not sometimes much more, than the TV shows and movies themselves. It’s why Hollywood succeeded, on numerous occasions, in scamming me into buying the same movie more than once - the initial release, and then the bonus-laden special edition that followed. The idea of all that content in digital download form is incredibly enticing. Not being able to access it on the best possible device to really enjoy it, the Apple TV, is beyond frustrating.

Agreed. I’m the same way. I used to live for director commentaries on DVD but now that I rent/buy almost all my films through the Apple TV, there’s no option to get those. Ridiculous.

If you liked the movie Tropic Thunder, you absolutely need to rent the Blu-Ray, and watch it with the commentary. Robert Downey Jr. continues his performance as Sgt. Lincoln Osiris.