My arrival in Canada

I'm on a quick skiing vacation in Whistler with Calvin. It's amazing. Beautiful and spacious. Most of the courses are totally empty. The lift wait times are about 30 seconds.
However, my arrival was stressful. Apparently you're supposed to know the details of your trip. Oops.
Customs agent:Can I see your passport?
Customs agent:What will you be doing in Canada?
Customs agent:Where are you staying?
David:I don't know the hotel name.
Customs agent:Who are you going with?
David:My friend.
Customs agent:Where does he live?
David:I don't know.
Customs agent:Is he Canadian?
Customs agent:Does he live in Canada?
Customs agent:Where?
David:I don't know.
Customs agent:What does he do?
David:I think he's a student.
Customs agent:...
David:Am I being too vague?
Customs agent:YES.
Customs agent:*Stamp* Be prepared next time.