Hiring a Designer

It appears there is a theme amongst entrepreneurs who have engineering or business-related backgrounds: it is currently difficult to find a solid designer. After reading this repeatedly on Hacker News and other random blogs, I assumed it was simply a supply problem.

It’s not.

I interviewed with one of the entrepreneurs who claimed this was an issue. The interview was a disaster. His procedure was to show me his company’s website, and demand to know how I would improve it. When I tried to explain that it doesn’t work that way, he ignored my claim and continued to ask for changes. Pushing and pushing.

I gave in. “Make that smaller. Move that. This doesn’t make sense. I’d try this.”

Then I had to watch him make the changes live. I endured an inexplicably awkward silence while code was modified. The interview finally ended, and we parted ways. You can imagine why neither of us called the other back. I would never work for someone like that, and he wants someone who will constantly give in to his unrealistic demands. Well, not I.

If you hear an entrepreneur complaining that she can’t find engineers or designers, it might be because she doesn’t know how to properly interview or recruit people.