Hanukkah trivia

Another successful Hanukkah party. Sweet.

I occasionally write random trivia questions for my parties. Here’s the list from tonight.

1. Which friends character did not go on to have a successful movie career?

2. What did Larry David get caught in his throat?

3. How did George Costanza get revenge AFTER his shrinkage?

4. How did Peter Griffin justify a sexual beer commercial?

5. What was the judge’s name in the final seinfeld court case?

6. What is Jordan celebrating next year?

7. What std does Michael Scott have?

8. Who did Sue Sylvester almost marry?

9. Who was the original owner of George Costanza’s car?

10. What did I scream at Elizabeth’s grandmother?

11. What was my favorite show in middle school?

12. Jow many seasons were there for the original Saved the by Bell?

13. How did George W. Bush support his college football team?

14. Wow many times has Elizabeth Taylor been married?

15. According to the contract, how many times must Dwight and Angela have sex?

16. What did B.O. attack in Seinfeld?

17. According to Cartman, what do all Jews have around their necks?

18. What is wrong with Britney Spears’ neck tattoo?

19. What was the name of the marijuana in Pineapple Express?

20. After she gets divorced this week, who am I marrying?